Welcome to EllieCeeJay – my name; in a cool, futuristic layout. My full name is actually Eleanor, but nobody really calls me that.

This is my blog, a place where I review what books I’ve been reading, talk about the cool things happening around the world, and occasionally publish some of my musings/other random writings.

I review all my books on a 5-star rating system, as that seems to be the most universally accepted way of giving an overall look at a book. I try to focus on the characters of the story first, followed up by the overall writing style, then I’ll critique anything I didn’t particularly enjoy.

I’m also friendly, I promise! I reply to every comment I get, so remember to leave one if you want to ask me anything or tell me anything about the books you’re currently reading. Also, feel free to follow me (subtle hint there, I don’t know if you got that).