seventeen years old, on the cusp between adolescence and adulthood…

allergic to real life, I prefer living in between the pages of my book collection, drinking all the types of tea I can possibly find.

it’s my personal belief that nightcore is an art form, wanting to become a screamo singer is a completely respectable future career and collecting books will be a reality for me one day – when I’m not trying to save for a university degree.

some things that make me interesting:

  • I am a member of the LGBT+ community, I refer to myself as a queer woman but I am a panromantic asexual
  • I’m a feminist – learning. If you have any good feminist texts to recommend to me, let me know!
  • I like heavy metal, screamo and punk music (among others)

if you want to become friends, drop me a DM on my instagram, twitter or tumblr (@ellieceejay) or send me an email at eleanorcj1603@gmail.com!