Life Feels and Growing Up

forgive me for this non-book related content. we will resume normal programming shortly.

Hi! I’m Ellie, and I’m almost an adult.

When I mean ‘almost’, I mean in about six months, almost to the day, but it’s still a scary concept. I’ve spent seventeen and a half years in the cradling hands of childhood, the ‘free trial’ of the rest of life, if you will. And now, slowly but surely, I’m ‘growing up’.

On Wednesday, I finished my application for university. Which is a massively big thing. I have sent it off, and I can no longer change a thing about my personal statement, no matter how much I stress over it.


I went to Oxford University’s open day on Friday. I will be completely honest, even though I applied there, I didn’t expect to like it. And yet, I bloody fell in love. Which is an issue, considering my less than stellar GCSE grades and the fact that I have no interview skills to speak of.

But a girl can dream.

But I am properly growing up, now, and it terrifies me. I guess this was more of an online diary entry than a post, but I’ll get back to reviewing books in a short while.

Ellie x


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