A Small Promotion…

(this is a small promo post for one of my good friends, he’s really good at what he does and is working on building his business)

Are you a musician?

Are you in a band?

Do you want to achieve a better, more professional sound for your music?

Do you need mixing and mastering services?

My friend Cuba offers mixing and mastering services, at a price that’s tailored to your own personal budget, with a high-quality outcome. He’s good at what he does, I promise, and he’s definitely worth your money and time.

If you’re interested in contacting Cuba, email Cuba.stanley.guitar@gmail.com, and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

He also has his own blog, at https://cubastanleyguitar.wixsite.com/cubastanleyaudio – where he offers music production tips and more general information about the services he offers. A sample of his work is going to be uploaded soon!

Hope that wasn’t too painful a promo 🙂 but seriously, he is amazing at what he does, and I can’t recommend him enough. Go and check him out, his Instagram is at cubastanleyguitar, where he posts his own music/covers. 

Thank you!

Ellie x



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